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12 Sep

ETL Task Custom Objects

In my previous article, I shared how to write your own ETL task objects. Oftentimes, we face unforeseeable conditions when tacking application tasks. In this context, it makes sense that we have the possibility to fine tune ETL task objects.

Andrey Alifanov
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29 Aug

ETL Task Custom Sources, Consumers and Converters

ETL Task supports numerous sources, consumers, and converters such as Excel, dBase, text files with XML, and a variety of repository objects.

Andrey Alifanov
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16 Aug

How to create efficient territory dictionary

Prognoz Platform maps offers many interesting and useful functions. However, to enjoy all of them you’ll need to configure the territory dictionary. Today I will explain how to do it.

Aleksandra Korekova
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01 Aug

Optimizing ETL Processes for Working with Relational Consumers

Despite tackling highly diverse tasks, any analytics solution needs data in the first place to tap into that data and turn it into valuable insights.

Alexander Griva
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18 Jul

Prognoz Platform and Co.

High-end software in today’s IT marketplace needs to be IDE-independent and easily integrated into other environments. How well has the Prognoz Platform kept up with the times?

Tatyana Kochergina
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04 Jul
colored dices

Filtering strategies

Whatever business you’re in, there are always people who use the first set of results without giving a thought about how these results are produced and whether they can be better.

Alexey Selikhin
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20 Jun

Data aggregation in cubes and reports

The Prognoz Platform’s aggregation tool is designed to aggregate several values by using various mathematical functions, such as sum, arithmetic mean, and so on. Report users often need to represent data aggregated in a particular way.

Irina Kiryanova
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02 Jun
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Benefits of decision trees in solving predictive analytics problems

Over the past few decades, decision tree algorithms have been in vogue for solving predictive analytics problems. Because they’re generic, and because they utilize an effective calculation procedure, they can easily deliver an optimal solution to your specific problem. These

Viktor Gavrilov
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31 Mar
Áîëüøîé ðåêëàìíûé ùèò ñ íàäïèñüþ Licensing

Prognoz Platform licenses explained in simple terms

Whenever you purchase a software solution, you know that a license is required for using it, and the Prognoz Platform is no exception.

Anna Bashkirtseva
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14 Mar
Êðèçèñ: âçëåò è ïàäåíèå

How to predict what will happen tomorrow

Today’s Prognoz Platform offers a full-featured set of modeling and forecasting tools to explore data, discover dependencies, and build real-life workflow models that help analysts and executives make informed decisions.

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