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25 Feb

Mapping: User-friendly data visualization with the Prognoz Platform

Problem: How do you display a number of indicators in a single visualizer for a compelling, impactful, user-friendly presentation?

George Arhipov
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08 Feb
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Time series—looking for a needle in a haystack

We continue to share key insights into time series analysis methods. Let me outline another popular method—the autocorrelation function (ACF).

Viktor Gavrilov
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25 Jan

Prognoz Platform – from coffee makers to supercomputers

There has been growing interest in migrating to open-source software (OSS) over the last ten to fifteen years. What can the Prognoz Platform offer in this area?

Artyom Belikov
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11 Jan

Four ways to build your dashboards faster

Time is money; this much is obvious. Beauty is irresistible. That’s self-evident too. Normally, it takes a wealth of time to create an insightful, user-friendly, and visually compelling output.

Aleksandra Korekova
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23 Dec

Creating maps in the Prognoz Platform from shapefiles

Hello everyone! In this article, I’ll show you how to create a new map in the Prognoz Platform using shapefiles. A shapefile is a popular data exchange format for geographic information system software.

Viktor Gavrilov
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21 Dec

Using Prognoz Platform Mobile to enhance the development of custom iOS apps

Today I am going to tell you about crucial enhancements made to Prognoz Platform Mobile 8.0. Now developers can bring the powerful capabilities of the Prognoz Platform’s native iOS app to their projects.

Purtov Dmitriy
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14 Dec
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Fore: What it is, and how to use it

In the Prognoz Platform, we use the Fore programming language. In this article, we’ll highlight Fore from different perspectives; we’ll describe its externals and explain how to use it.

Philipp Ponomarev
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01 Dec
Message TRENDS 2015 on ascending arrow above bar graph

Six trends in Business Intelligence in 2015

In today’s high-tech world, everything is changing at an alarmingly fast rate. As approaches, technologies, and trends are moving so quickly, it’s no longer sufficient just to track these movements; it’s important to be ahead of them.

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17 Nov

A blog post to inspire bicycle riders

Software developers around the world all tend to handle the same sorts of tasks. Some of them do everything in their own fashion.

Prognoz Blog
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03 Nov

New capabilities of Prognoz Platform 8.1,
Part 2 (for advanced users)

We continue to highlight the new capabilities of the platform. This time, we address the post to advanced users, developers, and all those involved in maintenance and customization—commonly, to admins.

Aleksandra Korekova
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