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Prognoz Platform licenses explained in simple terms

31.03.16 Anna Bashkirtseva
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Whenever you purchase a software solution, you know that a license is required for using it, and the Prognoz Platform is no exception. What you might not know is that licensing our platform gives you more choices and nuances than you’re probably expecting, which this article will help to sort out for you.

Our approach to licensing

First of all, let’s define key terms.

A license is a special file containing a set of licensing features, or what we at Prognoz call licensing units. Each licensing unit corresponds to a specific functionality of the platform. When you are licensed for a particular unit, you are free to use the corresponding functionality. Not surprisingly, each tool of the Prognoz Platform has its own licensing unit. This sort of setup is very convenient for the end user: You don’t have to pay extra and supplement your configuration with tools that you simply don’t need.

If you haven’t purchased the license for a particular unit, you won’t be able to access the corresponding platform features, no matter from where in the platform these features are called. If you purchase access to all the functionalities of the Prognoz Platform, the license will include all the predefined licensing units of the platform.

You can specify the particular licensing parameters for each licensing unit that your application task may require. For example, if 100 users work with OLAP and two users work with the security manager (which means that you need two licensing units: one for OLAP and one for the security manager), their respective numbers can be specified for each of the two relevant licensing units.

Types of license

Now let’s talk about types of licenses. There are standalone and network licenses. A standalone license is installed locally on each individual computer where the platform will run. This sort of license requires no network connection. I recommend opting for this license type for a small number of users working with the desktop application only.

A network license provides for installing a license server on your local network. Because of the server, administration is made more straightforward and flexible, since you need to maintain only your network license on the server without specifying any extra settings on your client workstations. I would add that if the license server is used, a platform user may not even notice that his or her application has been activated. Network license settings can be specified so as to avoid distributing broadcast requests across the entire network.

The network license allows for limiting the number of platform users accessing platform functionality. If there is an attempt to connect an extra user, a system message appears, saying that there are no available licensing units for the requested tool.

One more important parameter I would like to tell you about is the time constraint. A time constraint can be set as a specific date range or as a number of days from running the platform for the first time (a trial license). For example, if you have purchased the right to use the platform for a definite period of time, your license will expire following the period specified in your license agreement. For those wishing to try out the platform’s functionality, Prognoz offers a trial license that contains all the licensing units. Under this license, the platform is available for evaluation only within thirty days from the first run.

Consequently, you can easily manage your configuration costs by picking from Prognoz Platform tools and specifying a number of users and a period of use.

Licensing programs

Let me draw your attention to one more aspect that can influence the cost of your custom configuration—a licensing program.

We offer a variety of licensing programs tailored to the needs of our clients and partners:

  • Full use. You are granted the right to use the platform for developing, testing, and running applications only for your own purposes; you may not transfer the platform or any platform-powered applications to any third-party companies.
  • Development and test. You have the right to use the platform only for developing and testing applications.
  • Academic. This licensing program is for academic purposes only. You are granted the right to use the platform for developing, testing, and running applications; you may not transfer the platform or any platform-powered applications to any third-party companies.
  • This licensing program is designed for our OEM partners, whose software products incorporate the Prognoz Platform.

Which licensing units are available to me?

If you as a Prognoz Platform user would like to know which licensing units are available to you, please click Help in the main menu of the desktop application and select About.


You can change your license or license search settings via the License Manager. To open it, click Change Licenses.

The look and feel of the License Manager depends on the type of license that you have. If you use a network license, the dialog box will look like this:


If you use a standalone license, the following dialog box opens:

For more information about customizing your license search and activating your license, please refer to our Help system.

Licensing application systems

Let’s say that you have designed an application atop the Prognoz Platform, and you would like to protect it using a license. The good news is that we have also taken this into account.

To protect your application, follow the steps below:

  1. Identify blocks to be licensed separately, and define unique names for the identified licensing units of your application.
  2. Specify a license check in the application codes of each block in Fore’s API using the LicenseRequest method.
  3. Send a request to Technical Support via support@prognoz.com for preparing special materials required to use the licensing units of your application and request a license for testing.

As a result, to work with such an application, users will need a license that includes the predefined licensing units of the Prognoz Platform as well as the licensing units of this application.

The bottom line

Thanks to the licensing units of the Prognoz Platform, you can experience the benefits of flexible pricing: You pay only for the tools you use.

The cost of the Prognoz Platform depends on the configuration you have selected—including the tools, the number of users, and the period of use—as well as the licensing program that you have opted for.

And you are free to pick from any of our configurations! Enjoy flexibility together with us!