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16 Aug

How to create efficient territory dictionary

Prognoz Platform maps offers many interesting and useful functions. However, to enjoy all of them you’ll need to configure the territory dictionary. Today I will explain how to do it.

Aleksandra Korekova
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25 Feb

Mapping: User-friendly data visualization with the Prognoz Platform

Problem: How do you display a number of indicators in a single visualizer for a compelling, impactful, user-friendly presentation?

George Arhipov
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20 Sep

Topographic bases to enhance your interactive infographics

The Prognoz Platform enables you to explore data visualizations on maps that can also enhance the design of your original infographics.

Viktor Gavrilov
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20 Sep
vector illustration of Paper plane

New capabilities of Prognoz Platform 8.1, part 1 (for every user)

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Prognoz will release a new version of its flagship platform, and so it is time to introduce it to you. This article is helpful for both Prognoz Platform users and those involved in BI.

Aleksandra Korekova
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