Data Portal

Today, organizations and authorities need to analyze an enormous amount of heterogeneous data to improve business performance and increase the efficiency of research and public administration. We offer our cutting-edge cloud BI solution, Prognoz Data Portal, which reduces the time and effort needed to process large amounts of data.

Prognoz Data Portal provides online access to extensive national and global economic data sets structured by industries and markets. You can subscribe to one or several industry-specific or regional data packages. The solution’s database is permanently updated (on a daily or monthly basis) from 200 respected Russian and international data sources. In addition, the Data Portal provides powerful tools for text search by keyword, source, and indicator; visualization in tables, charts, and 3D maps; and comprehensive analysis, including filtering, sorting, calculated methods, 80/20 analysis, and trend development.

You can also generate predefined analytical notes quickly and easily for specified indicators, export them to various formats such as Microsoft Office or PDF, and publish the results in social media.

The Data Portal is designed for the analytical and marketing divisions of commercial enterprises and financial institutions, the analytical bureaus of federal and regional governments, research and educational centers, and industry-specific analytical mass media.

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