ITG obtains extended software license from Prognoz and becomes exclusive Prognoz distributer

18 December 2016

Prognoz, a Russian BI vendor, and INLINE Technologies Group (ITG), a diversified holding offering IT services are pleased to announce the signature of a license agreement.

According to the license agreement, an extended license that gives the right to use Prognoz software, including the Prognoz Platform, along with the right to sublicense, improve, maintain, support, and modify it is granted to a new company Foresight established as a part of ITG holding. Foresight has obtained the right to use all registered trademarks of Prognoz, act as an exclusive distributor of all Prognoz software products, and enter into cooperation agreements with the current and new partners in its own name.

This agreement is aimed at joining efforts of companies to promote Prognoz software in the corporate BI market, expand competencies, enhance technology, software solutions and products, and improve customer satisfaction with the services. The parties are confident that such joint efforts will help deliver unparalleled comprehensive projects across different segments of the IT market in Russia and abroad. 

About ITG

ITG is a diversified holding offering IT services. ITG’s core activities include consulting, information technology integration, solutions for communication operators and interactive television providers, development of bank payment system solutions and issuing of bank cards. ITG provides IT outsourcing and cloud-based services empowered by ITG’s data center capacity.

Headquartered in Moscow, ITG has branch offices and representative offices in Almaty, Budapest, Vladivostok, Kyiv, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Tashkent, and Tbilisi.

Over the years, ITG is among top ten IT companies in Russia and occupies leading positions in respective markerts. 

About Prognoz

Prognoz is an international software vendor delivering advanced analytics and visual discovery solutions for clients looking to improve business performance and drive innovation. Its cutting-edge software enables senior managers and experts to harness the information needed to analyze business processes, predict future opportunities, and make efficient operational and strategic decisions. Prognoz has a track record of more than 1,500 successful implementations for 500 customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Most of Prognoz’s applications are powered by its proprietary flagship solution, the Prognoz Platform, which is designed for the development of efficient, flexible, and powerful Business Intelligence systems. Prognoz is headquartered in Perm, Russia.