Privacy Policy of Prognoz Platform Mobile

This document describes the practice of working with the information provided by the user in the context of Prognoz Platform Mobile application of Prognoz Company. This document helps you to understand how your information is used during work with Prognoz Platform Mobile.

Please note, that by using Prognoz Platform Mobile you accept practices described in this document.

1. Collecting and Uploading User Data on the Mobile Device

To start working with Prognoz Platform Mobile on your mobile device the application must connect to the Prognoz Platform BI server and perform user authentication. To do this Prognoz Platform Mobile sends your credentials - user name and password (hereinafter "credentials") to the BI server specified in connection settings. If the demo version of Prognoz Platform Mobile is used then a special user specified in default settings is used. In production use you have to set up a connection to the BI server deployed in your organization and specify your Prognoz Platform credentials provided by your BI platform administrator.

Credentials are required to perform user authentication and to provide access permissions control on working with reports in the business environment. These operations are performed by the BI server of the platform.

Prognoz Platform Mobile does not collect, keep or share any information except the credentials that you specifies on connecting to the BI server.

2. Practices of Working with User Credentials

Your account is created in the repository (database) of Prognoz Platform by your BI platform administrator. User credentials are protected by the security facilities of a DBMS used in your organization for deploying the BI platform.

3. User Credentials Security

To improve the security of credentials transferring by the mobile application please use HTTPS option in the parameters of connection to the BI server in Prognoz Platform Mobile application.

Also Prognoz Platform provides capabilities to manage password policy: setting password complexity level, password change interval and other features. Please, contact your BI platform administrator to learn about applying these options.

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