Prognoz Platform is an all-in-one BI platform that provides the user with a set of tools to address a broad spectrum of analytical tasks from interactive analysis and data visualization to modeling and forecasting.

All tools come with a unified interface and a common formatting and visualization engine that facilitate user operations.

Prognoz Platform: Architecture Overview


Business users are now empowered with intuitive tools for creating dashboards in minutes, without the need for IT support.


With this tool, IT professionals and power users can easily generate complex scheduled reports.

Analytical Queries (OLAP)

This tool equips business users with capabilities for real-time multidimensional data analysis combined with powerful visualizations.

Time Series Analysis

This tool provides capabilities for statistical data processing and time series analysis alongside with advanced analytics and data preparation for modeling.

Modeling and Forecasting

To assist users with simulation, forecasting, and optimal control problems, this tool comes complete with a wide range of modeling methods, including econometric, balance, optimization models, and criterion functions.