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Interactive Visual Exploration, Pixel-Perfect Reporting, Data Preparation and Advanced Analytics Components

Development Tools, External Products/Software Support, and Data Integration Components

BI Administration, Metadata Management Components, and Deployment Capabilities


This video tutorial explains the basics of working with Dashboards, one of the most important Prognoz Platform tools. Dashboard designer allows you to set up visual data representations based on previously created reports and multidimensional data sources. You can also use external files like Microsoft Office Excel files as a data source. Prognoz Platform dashboards can be published for discussion on corporate portals or across social media.

Regular Report

This video tutorial is about generating regular reports of any complexity in the Prognoz Platform Regular report tool. The report looks the same in both design and view modes. The video tutorial shows us a previously created regular report and demonstrates the process of creating a similar one.

Analytical queries (OLAP)

Analytical queries video tutorial is meant for anyone who wants to set up OLAP reports in the Prognoz Platform express analysis tool. This video tutorial contains a detailed demonstration of opening a multidimensional cube, getting a data slice and displaying it as a table, chart, map, and bubble chart. Moreover, the video tutorial shows us the OLAP-reports' formatting capabilities.

Time series analysis

Time Series Analysis video tutorial highlights one of the Prognoz Platform tools, which is primarily used for preliminary data analysis and data preparation for modeling and forecasting data via various time series transformations. The video tutorial provides information about time series representation and transformations.

Modeling and Forecasting

This video tutorial tells us about the basic capabilities of the Prognoz Platform Modeling and Forecasting tool.
The process of modeling and scenario forecasting will be demonstrated. The video tutorial also demonstrates the basic data mining methods.


This video tutorial is about generating strategic maps of target indicators in Prognoz Platform. The Scorecards provide a user-friendly and tunable environment to track achievement goals and relevant key indicators. A previously created scorecard is shown in this tutorial, along with a demonstration of creating one yourself.


This video tutorial tells us about the Prognoz Platform mobile application, which provides access to Prognoz Platform repository objects via iOS mobile devices. The process of the Prognoz Platform mobile application customization will be demonstrated. The tutorial also shows the mobile application's basic capabilities such as publication and customization of an OLAP report, a regular report and a dashboard.

Microsoft Office Add-ins

This video tutorial tells us about the Prognoz Platform add-ins for Microsoft Office, which allow using the common office applications for data analysis.
The tutorial shows us how to use Microsoft Excel as a data analysis tool connected to the data warehouse and Microsoft Word as an Analytical note designer. Moreover, the tutorial demonstrates how to insert Prognoz Platform objects into Microsoft Power Point presentations.

Data Warehouse Designer

Data Warehouse Designer video tutorial is about the principles of generating data warehouses in Prognoz Platform in order to perform business analysis tasks. The tutorial demonstrates the bottom-up and the top-down approaches to data warehouse development, by showing the process of creating Prognoz Platform objects such as a table, multidimensional cube and time series database.

Master Data Management system

This video tutorial tells us about the Prognoz Platform Master Data Management system. The tutorial demonstrates the process of Table MDM dictionaries' creation and data import. The MDM dictionaries' capabilities such as versioning, multi-language support, item access permissions and other dictionary options are demonstrated. The tutorial also covers working with the MDM composite dictionaries.

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

This video tutorial highlights the Prognoz Platform ETL module (Extract Transform Load). The ETL task is implemented as a separate workspace, designed for convenient placement of objects involved in data extraction, transformation and loading.
A previously created ETL task is shown in this tutorial and its structure and functionality are explained. The tutorial provides information about various data providers, transformers and consumers available in Prognoz Platform. Moreover, creating and running a new ETL task is demonstrated.

Development environment* (Software development kit)*

This video tutorial provides an overview of Prognoz Platform Development environment. Its basic capabilities as well as its built-in tools are demonstrated in the tutorial.

Interactive visualization components

This video tutorial tells us about a number of built-in data visualizations components available in Prognoz Platform.
The basic business graphics components such as tables, charts, bubble charts, maps (including 3D maps), 3D scenes, indicators, bubble trees and tree maps are demonstrated. The tutorial also covers working with the Prognoz Platform's business graphics components using the integrated development environment.

Application server and Web services

This video tutorial introduces you to the BI server and the Web and Cloud services of the Prognoz Platform. The Platform’s BI server and Web services will enable you to access data via the Web client of the Prognoz Platform or user applications.

Administration and Security module

This video tutorial highlights the Prognoz Platform Administration and Security module.
Prognoz Platform contains a built-in security administrator for central management of access to data, metadata, and tools. The following capabilities are demonstrated: creating a new user, granting privileges to users, security policy customization, object access control, accessing security records and other functions related to administration and security.

Metadata management

This video tutorial covers working with Prognoz Platform repositories using the following tools: the repository manager, which allows to create a Prognoz Platform metadata repository in a new database and update the repository version in an existing database. The utility also supports repository version backup and restoration of system tables in case of data loss or change. And the object navigator, - a crucial platform tool that provides the user with access to all system objects.