What's new

This section highlights new capabilities of Prognoz Platform 8.1. Here you can read about upgraded functions and user interface, BI search and visualizers.

Functions and user interface

Now Prognoz Platform 8.1 offers more capabilities for creating interactive BI content without code writing. With new features for data import, analytical processing and content synchronization, you can easily go through all the steps from data loading to developing a system of interconnected reports.


With new visualization types and customization capabilities users can gain deeper insight into visually compelling analytical content.

BI search

BI search is full-text search for data by keywords. You just enter an item that you want to find, and the system provides the most suitable search results.

In Prognoz Platform 8.1 the BI search feature became much more user-friendly. A variety of new settings allows for a flexible system customization according to your specific needs.