Products and Solutions

Business Intelligence is a highly in-demand technology that improves the efficiency of decision making and optimizes the performance of any company. BI systems developed by Prognoz are prime examples of these principles in action. Our software products, proven by 20 years’ experience in the BI market, include a wide range of standard solutions tailored to specific tasks in different industries and custom systems powered by unique functionality that best meet your needs.

Reliable and accurate data and automated decision-making processes are at the core of the management environment that the users of our BI systems enjoy. Our forecasting and analytical systems have been successfully implemented in public authorities, corporations, and financial organizations around the world. We update our solutions on a regular basis to respond to changes in the legal environment, new methodological procedures, and the evolving operational needs of our customers.

Simply put, our cutting-edge Business Intelligence technologies provide you with a comprehensive view of company processes and enable you to prevent crises, minimize risks, and ensure intelligent management of human and material resources, which improves the efficiency of corporate governance and the competitiveness of your company.

All Prognoz solutions are built on our high-tech BI suite, the Prognoz Platform, which provides a unique combination of standard and advanced Business Intelligence tools for in-depth data analysis and visualization, modeling, and forecasting. The key functionalities of the platform are available on desktop, Web, and mobile devices.