Statistical Data Management

Prognoz Statistical Data Management is designed to process large amounts of statistical data, including SDMX standard. This tool speeds up and facilitates data collection, validation, analysis, and publication.

The data analysis software performs the following functions:

  • Collects survey data via the Internet, mobile devices, and exchange files
  • Supports data import from various sources
  • Enables integration with existing databases of various formats
  • Processes, validates, and transforms collected data automatically
  • Provides a wide range of visualization, monitoring, and reporting tools, as well as tools for statistical data warehouse management
  • Supports time series analysis and transformation using a wide range of mathematical and statistical functions
  • Visualizes the processed data in form of tables, graphs, maps, and dashboards that you can publish on the Web site for external users
  • Enables shared data access and access policy management

The reliability and high efficiency of the product have been proven by a number of international institutions, such as International Monetary Fund (IMF), African Development Bank, and Statistical Departments of CIS and European countries.

Prognoz Statistical Data Management is designed for:

  • State Statistical Services
  • Management and shareholders of commercial companies
  • Management and staff of finance and planning departments
  • Staff of analytical, strategic planning, and marketing departments