Solutions for all industries

Prognoz BI solutions are widely used across organizations around the world to solve a variety of corporate governance tasks.

Our software solutions enable you to model and forecast operational and financial performance of your company, assess its competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, optimize budgeting and financial planning, evaluate risks, and manage investment projects. With Prognoz solutions, you will efficiently manage your financial resources, time, and staff.


  • Improve accuracy and shorten the time needed to prepare management reports, and perform subsequent analysis
  • Generate management reports automatically
  • Deliver data in a visually compelling format to support informed decisions

Strategy Implementation and KPI Monitoring

  • Develop strategic maps and balanced scorecards
  • Analyze the situation in your company in real time, reveal common dependencies and critical deviations, and identify trends to make informed decisions
  • Measure progress towards achieving your business goals based on KPIs

Financial Modeling

  • Create complex dynamic models describing the company’s business processes
  • Assess the impact of various factors on your business performance
  • Forecast financial and operational performance indicators

Industry and Economic Data Analytics

  • Monitor KPIs among competitors (such as the volume of production, key financial performance indicators, and so on)
  • Analyze sectoral and macroeconomic indicators

Executive E-Office

  • Access up-to-date online information on the current status and future development of an organization and its branches, as well as its industry, country, and regional economy
  • Manage business processes from your PC or mobile device