Prognoz.Reporting enables you to reduce the time and effort needed to collect regular report forms containing performance data from your reporting entities and business divisions. With our solution, you will greatly improve the process of creating and consolidating reports.

The solution provides advanced capabilities for collecting management reports from reporting entities and business divisions, including geographically dispersed units, in both online and offline mode. You can also prepare reports based on primary data from the information systems of your company with the ability to drill into reports all the way down to the source data. Prognoz.Reporting comes with reporting workflow functionality along with validation for report inputs and outputs, including cross-form and logic and arithmetic checks. You can prepare regular reports for any group of business indicators, including:

  • Business performance and efficiency
  • Financial and economic indicators
  • Production and technology data
  • Investment indicators
  • Social, compensation, and benefits data

Reports enable you to embed formulas easily for calculating consolidated figures and analytical ratios, coupled with business graphics components for producing compelling data visualizations. You can also take advantage of convenient tools for data change control, which highlight changes and send status alerts to users.