Strategy Implementation and KPI Monitoring

PROGNOZ. Strategy Implementation and KPI Monitoring is our innovative software solution that helps develop strategic plans for your business and gauge your progress towards achieving your goals. It offers a complete set of tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of actual financial and non-financial indicators versus targeted values for a particular business division or the business as a whole. With its visual and easy-to-use interface, you can develop strategic maps and balanced scorecards and monitor the implementation of your business strategy.

Executive dashboards, a powerful tool that provide executives with at-a-glance awareness of business performance, present KPIs based on the analysis of the current production, investment, and financial performance of your company. With this solution, you can easily reveal the correlation between your business strategy and the measurable performance goals of your business divisions and staff.

The embedded tools enable you to combine data from multiple sources of production and financial data that are calculated, maintained, and classified fully automatically. Along with standardized reports, this solution enables you to generate OLAP-based ad-hoc reports. You can visualize your data in tables, charts, digital maps, and dashboards.

You can effortlessly analyze the situation in your company in real time, reveal common dependencies and critical deviations, and identify trends to make informed decisions from anywhere in the world.