Prognoz BI solutions provide advanced capabilities to analyze, model, and forecast key performance indicators of metallurgical enterprises and the metallurgy industry as a whole. By implementing our solutions, you receive historical and prospective data on the state of the industry, improve the efficiency of budget planning and execution, foster financial discipline, and optimize your operational activity.

Company Analytics

  • Manages and assesses investment projects and programs and controls their implementation
  • Performs planning, modeling, scenario forecasting, and online monitoring of the implementation of investment projects and programs
  • Arranges a data exchange between the various participants in the investment process

Investment Analytics

  • Manages, assesses, and controls the implementation of investment projects and programs
  • Enables the planning, modeling, scenario forecasting, and monitoring implementation of investment projects and programs
  • Supports data exchange among participants of the investment

Energy Efficiency

  • Monitors, analyzes, and models energy consumption and controls energy-efficiency indicators
  • Develops, analyzes, and controls implementation of energy-efficiency measures
  • Develops and enables the analysis of best practices in energy efficiency

Portfolio Cross-Currency Interest-Rate Risk

  • Automatically maintains credit contracts and payment schedules, and calculates credit portfolio risks
  • Forecasts exchange and interest rates, and analyzes interest rate and currency risks
  • Performs stress testing of the current credit portfolio under prevailing conditions and various change scenarios

Prognoz provides efficient software products that combine Business Intelligence and various technologies, enabling metallurgical enterprises to:

  • Monitor and analyze metal markets in a single country or around the world, such as the production and sales of metallurgical products, key product prices, and so on
  • Monitor, analyze, and forecast key macroeconomic indicators of countries around the world that are of special importance to your enterprise
  • Provide BI support to company management, including summary analytical data on metal markets and the core activities of the enterprise

All Prognoz solutions are based on the cutting-edge Prognoz Platform, which combines the functions of standard and advanced business analytics, including modeling and forecasting; provides broad visualization and drill-down capabilities; and comes in a convenient mobile version.

Our Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy services, and training provide the tools and expert knowledge for effective management.