Industry-specific solutions

Prognoz BI solutions are widely used across organizations around the world to solve a variety of corporate governance tasks.

Our industry-specific solutions help companies provide accurate analysis, produce high-precision forecasts, manage their resources in a prudent way, minimize their risks, and produce granular reports. Tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, our solutions take into account the specifics of the industry in which your company operates and your company’s business processes and tasks.

Port and Container Terminal Analytics

  • Monitors the current operational, financial, and economic standing of a port terminal
  • Analyzes freight turnover and trading operations

Prognoz DataM

  • Access agricultural and trade databases of respected international sources
  • Monitor branch markets and analyze the desired indicators
  • Compare and assess historical and forecast data
  • Forecast branch development

Railway Company Analytics

  • Manages railway infrastructure over a long-term perspective, and plans the repair and replacement of railway equipment
  • Benchmarks construction projects
  • Models railway transportation of oversized cargo