Credit Portfolio Management

Prognoz Credit Portfolio Management supports seamless integration into your operational framework and provides a comprehensive approach to credit transaction management and the loan pipeline, enabling you to reduce time, cost, and effort in transactions and investment projects at any stage and mitigate the associated risks. Our state-of-the-art solution not only improves customer satisfaction but also ensures error-free reporting.

With our solution, you can perform holistic analysis of a borrower’s financial position, assess associated credit risks, and calculate the limit on credit transactions, all through a real-time examination of the borrower’s request.

Prognoz Credit Portfolio Management comes with powerful tools that enable you to control online fulfillment of the terms and conditions of loan agreements by borrowers; approve documents electronically and collaborate over various types of transactions; generate profiles of transactions and investment projects automatically; and keep a record of client requests and applications.

The solution provides advanced capabilities to perform efficiency analysis and assess the risks of investment projects, display data in visually compelling dashboards that support informed managerial decisions, and generate reliable reports.

Prognoz Credit Portfolio Management is intended for a wide range of users, including executives and staff members of credit units and credit risk assessment divisions, as well as specialists of other divisions involved in the credit process.

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