Development Banks

Prognoz develops cutting-edge software solutions for development banks. These solutions provide full analytical support to investments in top-priority economic sectors, analyze and monitor the socioeconomic development of countries around the world, and assess the efficiency of investment projects and their impact on the national and regional economy. Our BI systems manage market and credit risks and limits, model and forecast the financial activity of banks, and collect and publish socioeconomic data.

Prognoz solutions for development banks meet the following challenges:

  • Consolidate statistical data on the socioeconomic development of countries around the world, and maintain data on a bank’s financial instruments and portfolios
  • Plan, monitor, analyze, and assess financial activity, and assess the efficiency and control the implementation of investment project portfolios
  • Stress test and assess the risks of investment projects through the use of multiple data sources
  • Develop analytical data portals to provide information on socioeconomic effects of key investment projects

Our BI systems are based on a unified data warehouse that contains the characteristics and parameters of investment projects, financial reporting on project participants, and reports on business plans and risks assessment.

All Prognoz solutions are based on the cutting-edge Prognoz Platform, which combines the functions of standard and advanced business analytics, including modeling and forecasting; provides broad visualization and drill-down capabilities; and comes in a convenient mobile version.

Our Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy services, and training provide the tools and expert knowledge for effective management.