Macroeconomy, Banking, and Finance Analytics

Prognoz Macroeconomy, Banking, and Finance Analytics enables you to make more informed decisions concerning monetary policy based on the holistic analysis of key indicators of the banking system and financial markets.

The solution provides comprehensive support to monitor the financial system, including changes in key indicators of the banking sector, spot rates, and the term structure of zero-coupon yield curves by groups of bonds in a specific country’s banks. It also enables you to monitor and analyze interest rates, financial market indicators, and foreign economic and monetary statistics.

The system delivers advanced tools to analyze key ratios of macroeconomic, banking, and foreign economic activity indicators and the balance of payments and foreign debt by different slices. You can analyze the term structure of interbank loan rates and REPO rates, the commodity structure of exports and imports, and individual macroeconomic indicators versus foreign economic statistics. With our functionality, you can even perform cross-country comparisons by key macroeconomic indicators.

Our solution is intended for executives and staff of national bank divisions responsible for banking supervision, cash circulation, financial market operations, financial monitoring, exchange control, strategic planning, and macroeconomic research. It also facilitates the activities of organizations that interact with national banks and use macroeconomic statistics, banking, and financial market data in their operations.

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