Supervisory Activity

To automate the management of financial resources at the state, regional, and municipal levels, Prognoz delivers solutions for supervisory authorities. Our BI systems enable you to monitor the implementation of national and regional budgets side by side with non-budgetary public funds, as well as analyze and forecast deviations and violations in the budgeting process. Prognoz solutions help supervisory authorities to adopt efficient laws and regulations related to financial management.

Prognoz solutions for supervisory authorities help you to meet the following challenges:

  • Consolidate data on national budget implementation along with non-budgetary public funds, as well as data from multiple sources about the participants in the budget process
  • Provide comprehensive BI support to financial control at every stage
  • Examine and analyze the soundness of specific parameters of adopted draft laws, including drafts of the federal budget and amendments to tax legislation
  • Reveal and assess risks of non-compliance with budget legislation and public procurement law during federal budget implementation
  • Provide information support to audits, and deliver scheduled and analytical reporting on the results of an audit

All Prognoz solutions are based on the cutting-edge Prognoz Platform, which combines the functions of standard and advanced business analytics, including modeling and forecasting; provides broad visualization and drill-down capabilities; and comes in a convenient mobile version.

Our Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy services, and training provide the tools and expert knowledge for effective management.