Public Administration

Public authorities require the centralized collection, storage, and analysis of large volumes of social and economic data. BI systems developed by Prognoz support informed decision making for executive as well as legislative authorities based on reliable current and forecasted data. Prognoz solutions improve the efficiency of governance by tracking the social and economic position of an individual country and creating at-a-glance comparisons with countries around the world. Prognoz systems enable you to develop accurate budgeting and investment processes and manage law enforcement effectively.

Prognoz products for public administration include the following solutions:

World Economy Monitoring and Financial Crisis Forecasting

  • Monitors the socioeconomic development of countries around the world
  • Monitors and analyzes key national indicators of financial instability
  • Predicts the probability of financial instability

Investment Analytics

  • Manages, assesses, and controls the implementation of investment projects and programs
  • Enables the planning, modeling, scenario forecasting, and monitoring implementation of investment projects and programs
  • Supports data exchange among participants of the investment

All Prognoz solutions are based on the cutting-edge Prognoz Platform, which combines the functions of standard and advanced business analytics, including modeling and forecasting; provides broad visualization and drill-down capabilities; and comes in a convenient mobile version.

Our Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy services, and training provide the tools and expert knowledge for effective management.