Investment Analytics

Prognoz Investment Analytics is a cutting-edge solution that enables you to improve the efficiency of investment project or program management and control the investment process on a national, regional, or corporate level.

The solution provides comprehensive support to meet a wide range of challenges, including managing an investment project across its entire life cycle, assessing the efficiency of an investment project, managing investment programs as a combination of interconnected investment projects with a fixed budget, creating plans, and the controlling the implementation of investment projects and programs.

The solution enables you to arrange a data exchange among various investment process participants and monitor the implementation of investment projects online, using Web cameras, construction site photos, satellite images, and current construction surveys. The advanced tools of Prognoz Investment Analytics are unparalleled in performing such critical tasks as monitoring and scenario-forecasting the implementation of investment projects and programs and assessing the impact of projects and programs on the activity indicators of an enterprise, industry, country, or region.

The solution ensures the transparency and soundness of managerial decisions and delivers powerful capabilities to model and forecast the possible impacts of decisions made with regard to implementing investment projects for countries, regions, and corporations.

Prognoz Investment Analytics facilitates the day-to-day operations of executives and staff of dedicated national agencies involved in the implementation of comprehensive industry-specific investment programs, senior managers and shareholders of public-private partnerships, analysts, strategic planners, and marketing specialists.

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