Transportation Sector

Prognoz software products provide a complete and fair representation of the national and regional development of transportation infrastructure. With our solutions, you can assess the overall status of the transportation sector and its impact on the economy, and schedule and implement innovations in the public road system. Prognoz products deliver Business Intelligence to facilitate the implementation of transportation strategy and industry-specific government programs.

Our Business Intelligence systems enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor key development indicators of the transportation sector on the national and regional levels, and compare these indicators with those of other countries
  • Perform industry management by objective
  • Monitor changes in traffic and trade flows, commodity exchange, and transportation infrastructure
  • Model international and interregional cargo flows
  • Analyze trends in macroeconomic indicators (changes in exports, imports, GDP, industrial manufacturing, and so on), taking into account the impact of each on the transportation sector
  • Record, monitor, and control the implementation of innovations in the motor transportation sector as well as road facilities

All Prognoz solutions are based on the cutting-edge Prognoz Platform, which combines the functions of standard and advanced business analytics, including modeling and forecasting; provides broad visualization and drill-down capabilities; and comes in a convenient mobile version.

Our Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy services, and training provide the tools and expert knowledge for effective management.