Financial Modeling

Prognoz. Financial Modeling provides forecast calculations and multivariate situation analysis to identify the impact of internal and external factors on the performance of a company, including on a diversified or multi-branch company. The solution takes into account scenario controls, such as the metrics of marketing and investment programs; and key external drivers, including the macroeconomic situation, fiscal policy, restrictions like tariffs and quotas in external and domestic markets, changes in financial and exchange markets, and so on.

Models of financial, business, and production processes help you forecast production output, sales revenues, operational expenses, cost of production, cost of sales, profit, taxes, receipts, payments, liabilities, cash balances, and other indicators.

With our solution, you can also generate strategic plans for your company and compare the results of forecast calculations under different scenarios. The advanced financial and economic model included with Prognoz Financial Planning will help companies solve various planning optimization problems.