Public Budget

Prognoz Public Budget is a portal designed to disclose official information on the regional or municipal budget process from various sources.

The key tasks of the portal are to inform the general public about the execution of the budget process; improve the transparency of budgeting and budget spending; and increase the accountability of executive authorities in budget-related decision making. The solution provides a platform for feedback from the general public, increases awareness of budget issues, and promotes citizen participation, which helps to create a positive image of executive authorities.

Prognoz Public Budget offers such competitive advantages as at-a-glance interpretability of complex data for a wide range of users; representation of budget data in a visually compelling format, focusing on impactful data visualizations; a one-stop-shop principle for providing key budget information; and data accessibility in machine-readable format, with data export to Microsoft Office file formats.

The portal provides advanced tools to publish budget reference data, budget regulations, draft budget law, and draft regional budget law. The solution enables you to publish real-time information on budget execution, government target programs, and regional or municipal government bodies; store information about regional investment and priority projects and public debt; and perform comparative analysis of the territories of a country.

With our powerful toolkit, you can monitor the attainment of target budget indicators; form data samples; customize and export reports; filter data; and build visually compelling charts. Join the growing number of executives and staff members of regional and municipal governments who are already using Prognoz Public Budget to great success.

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