Railway Company Analytics

Prognoz Railway Company Analytics is a powerful BI tool designed to increase the efficiency of rail network development and optimize the transportation process. It enables you to receive reliable data on the current and anticipated condition of track infrastructure, cut spending needed for track renewal activities, improve the efficiency of investment to construction projects, and manage freight traffic online.

The system provides extensive capabilities to collect, consolidate, and update data on the condition of track infrastructure and track wayside objects, including track-related and GPS coordinates, descriptions, and images. The powerful functionality of the system enables you to optimize routes using such criteria as speed, distance, additional cargo manipulations needed, out-of-gauge cargo transportation, and so on.

Moreover, the system enables you to forecast activity volumes needed to maintain and renew track infrastructure objects by facilitating the budget process and avoiding the negative impacts of underfunding.

Prognoz Railway Company Analytics is intended for executives and shareholders of railway companies, specialists of financial and economic divisions, analysts, strategic planners, and marketing specialists.