Road Safety BI System (RSS)

Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation

Customer information

Customer profile: Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation is an independent department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior. It is responsible for developing proposals and defining and implementing state policy and regulations in the area of road safety. The Main Directorate exercises the functions of a federal authority in charge of the State Road Safety Inspectorate, along with other functions as per regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of the Interior.


Preventing and reducing the number of road accidents and their consequences is an important task in all countries. One of the remedies is to use modern information technologies including managerial decision support tools. Efficient management requires prompt and reliable statistical data relative to road safety.

Currently, a BI system developed by Prognoz is implemented in the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety to monitor and analyze road safety conditions.


Road Safety BI System (RSS) enables rapid and efficient decision making to decrease the number of road accidents through fundamental analysis methods and cutting-edge information technologies.

The system enables users to:

  • Monitor the current road safety conditions in Russia and its regions
  • Analyze trends of administrative practice, the number of vehicles, and other trends relative to road safety
  • Analyze obtained data by the main characteristics of road accidents (conditions, causes, factors, participants, and so on)
  • Analyze and shape a register of the most important types of road accidents
  • Monitor and analyze federal road sections with high accident rates, and identify underlying causes, including poor road conditions

RSS includes:

  • A centralized data warehouse that contains data about road accidents and road safety indicators over the last 15 years, including causes, factors, the date and time of accidents, and so on.
  • A monitoring subsystem, which enables users to design standard and customized reports using visualization tools to reflect road conditions and accident rates. It contains online monitoring with 150 standard reports for different types of road accidents and provides for monitoring annual and monthly trends in the accident rate by regions of the Russian Federation.
  • An analytical subsystem, which enables users to evaluate threshold indicators of road safety both with regard to immediate and annual information, and statistical analysis methods. In addition, the data analysis tools implemented in RSS enable users to rank Russian regions by road safety indicators, shape integral estimates of road safety, and evaluate the efficiency of the State Road Safety Inspectorate based on the structured analysis of administrative practice, accident rates, and so on.
  • A modeling and forecasting subsystem, which enables multivariate calculation of changes in road safety conditions with reference to social and economic development and quality of life, as well as the forecasting of goal implementation.

Key features

  • Federal and regional RSS installations form a unified information environment that enables information exchange between the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia and the regional divisions of State Road Safety Inspectorate to perform online analysis of accident rates.
  • The system enables the collection, calculation, and storage of more than 7,500 indicators reflecting the safety level of roads.
  • Accident rate data and operative data relative to administrative practice is added to the system on monthly basis; statistical reporting forms are updated twice a year.
  • RSS enables users to design reports that provide a detailed analysis of the existing accident rate, prepare statements relative to the major types of traffic injuries, analyze federal road sections with high accident rates, reveal relevant types of road accidents, and compare trends with administrative practice indicators.

Results of the implementation of the system

  • Automated data collection, processing, and analysis
  • Online access to comprehensive road safety information with the ability to reveal acute issues of current accident rates
  • Analytical base for efficient managerial decision making
  • Increased efficiency of managerial decision making
  • Unified information road safety environment