BI system for monitoring the integrated development of the city of Moscow for the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow

Moscow City (Russia)

Customer information

Customer profile: The Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow is a functional executive authority of the city of Moscow. It develops and implements economic, investment, financial, tariff, pricing, and tax policy; acts in the sphere of analyzing and forecasting the social and economic development of the city; develops national and departmental programs; and plans municipal spending.


To avoid decentralized data maintenance, as well as to unify data and collect, analyze, and prepare reports in real time, the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow decided to develop a BI system for monitoring the integrated development of the city of Moscow.

The city of Moscow needed to automate the processes for monitoring structural development for the following reasons:

  • Lack of centralized data collection capabilities at municipal facilities, combined with the inability to capture sufficiently detailed data for executed projects
  • Difficulties in receiving data on the correlation of particular types of municipal projects with their sources of financing
  • The inability to monitor the execution of national programs in a centralized and integrated way
  • The inability to assess the efficiency of municipal government activity without an expert BI system


The BI system for monitoring the integrated development of the city of Moscow includes the following functional modules:

Data collecting and updating enables experts to collect data in various formats: via uploading samples, inserting data by particular fields, or inserting data in the table as a whole, with the capability for data confirmation. The key feature of the module is the integration of data collection. Users of various levels can update data online, where the module integrates the data with a wide range of external data systems, which creates a common information space and eliminates the need to reinsert data.

Data analytical processing enables experts to generate standard and ad-hoc reports. The user can create ad-hoc reports by using several tools, including OLAP and the generation of indicators via a filter kit. The module enables the user to view data from any time period and transfer values from the analytical report to primary data.

Monitoring the progress of the Moscow National Programs execution is designed to collect and update data from all participants in the course of achieving milestones in the execution of Moscow National Programs.

Executive WKS provides the ability to generate reports in the form of presentations with various navigation tools, a graphical display kit, and export capability to PDF for individual slides or the entire presentation. The presentation includes the majority of analytical reports and uploads data from all report forms automatically.

Key features

  • The system enables the user to track the achievement of physical indicators linked to financial indicators at the lowest level (up to the final municipal facility object, budgetary service, and so on).
  • For usability, the BI system is integrated with various automated information resources of the customer, which enables the user to perform complex analysis by a range of business spheres.

Results of the implementation of the system

  • Since the implementation of the system, the collection and updating of data and the generation of analytical reports has gone from a fully manual to a fully automated process.
  • The system provides the ability to generate analytical reporting over any time period, including previous years.
  • The system increases the speed of report generation overall, and it enables the user to generate the report as of the current date.
  • The system enables the user to formalize the process of budget expenditures and track the achievement of project milestones in concrete terms.
  • The system provides the ability to access functional modules via the Internet.