We offer a wide spectrum of staff development courses in information technology, economics, and finance. The Prognoz Training Center has developed more than 100 classroom training programs and more than 130 distance learning courses. We have delivered training for more than 3,000 employees of government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations from various regions of Russia. In our training courses, we combine theory and real-world examples, and we invite Russian researchers and practitioners as well as international experts to share their knowledge and experience in particular subject areas with our trainees.

We offer classroom training onsite and in our facilities in Moscow or Perm, as well as distance learning. At your disposal is a broad range of webinars, video courses, and Web-based training programs. Upon the successful completion of our courses, trainees are issued certificates.

Prognoz Platform Courses

  • Training for specialists of all levels
  • Specialist certification
  • Diversity of training methods

Learning Solution

  • Computer-based training
  • Personnel certification and polling
  • Support of international e-learning standards

Bespoke Courses and Workshops

  • Wide range of training programs
  • Classroom and online training
  • Custom-tailored courses and workshops


  • Lower training costs
  • Personalized training schedule
  • Rich course presentation
  • Support of international standard

Microsoft IT Academy

  • Convenient training in the use of Microsoft products
  • Broad applicability
  • Pre-MOS certification training