Prognoz Platform Courses

Our training course in the use of our own software platform—the Prognoz Platform, recognized by the expert community internationally—holds a special place among our course offerings.

Today, our flagship product is a standalone BI product available to a wide range of developers and system integrators. We offer a set of training courses that are especially designed to meet the needs of all Prognoz Platform user groups:

Upon the completion of each course, trainees can take an exam to obtain the corresponding certificate.

To get started with the Prognoz Platform, you can use our free video courses, you can participate in online training, or you can attend our special course, Overview of the Prognoz BI Platform. We also offer you the opportunity to customize your training program by picking and choosing the course modules that you desire.

We offer classroom training onsite or in our classrooms in Moscow or Perm, as well as distance learning. At your disposal is a broad range of webinars, video courses, and Web-based training programs.

Our short video courses provide an overview of the functionality of the Prognoz Platform.

Our instructor-led online courses are webinars where trainees can listen to the instructor and follow the progress of the course, ask questions, and participate in the trainee discussion forum. This type of training is designed to provide basic knowledge on how to use the tools of the Prognoz Platform to perform various tasks.

Classroom training provides a comprehensive look at the capabilities of the Prognoz Platform. This type of training helps you to acquire advanced platform skills for performing highly specialized application tasks.